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Are you standing at a threshold, or already on the other side? Have you moved on from an old relationship or begun a journey in a new one? Perhaps you are navigating a change in your family - the birth of a child, career transition, illness, loss or another stressor. Or perhaps you have found that anxiety or unhappiness have claimed more of your outlook on life than you can tolerate by yourself.

Vitality and health for living are the heart of our mission. We provide affordable, spiritually grounded services that support balanced living, spiritual discovery, transformation and healing through counseling, spiritual direction, art, retreats, workshops and consultations

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Individual and Couples Counseling

Whether you are in crisis, navigating a life transition, or want to engage in a cycle of personal growth work, we can schedule sessions at a frequency to meet your needs. Psychotherapy is a helpful process for gaining insight into your inner life. A series of sessions may provide what you need to work through a particular challenge, gain a deeper skill in managing your relationships, or resolve a problem or issue in your life. There may be unresolved wounds from your past that need attention. Or you might benefit from support as you move through a transition or significant change. Couples might want a refresher to invigorate their relationship or strengthen communication habits.

Spiritual Direction And Spiritual Journeying

If you wrestle with big questions of life and death, meaning and purpose, you may benefit from spiritual journey work. In this context, you can explore a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human, and find ways to tell your own sacred story. Spiritual Direction provides a safe place to share your experiences of God, becoming more aware of ways to discover or deepen your prayer life or enrich your spiritual path. Creativity is integrated into this journey as an amazing process that can lead to personal growth, greater self-awareness and deepening spirituality. The physical process of being creative—of making art in any form—can make what is invisible, visible. When we use our own creative process, it opens doors to spiritual growth and understanding. This journey may include monthly (or more frequent) sessions throughout a season of your life.

Dream Groups

Dreams are part of many sacred and spiritual traditions, both ancient and contemporary. Dreams provide inspiration, healing, guidance and connection to our unconscious. Tapping into that wise world of personal symbol, myth and metaphor aids us all in our life meaning making. Dreams are a valuable tool in supporting one's spiritual journey and making meaning of one's own unique story. The Spiritual Life Center facilitates monthly dream groups throughout the year. The groups are small and meet in two hour sessions, with day and evening times available.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Counseling for those engaged to be married is provided through the Spiritual Life Center for non-members of Holy Trinity. The Prepare/Enrich program is used as a resource for this service. Couples will engage in a series of sessions to explore many dimensions of their relationship such as finances, relationship roles, conflict resolution and communication. Each person completes an on-line assessment that provides results reflecting relationship strengths and compatibility.

Clinical Supervision

This service is available to those working toward LPC, LCPC, or LCSW licensure in Illinois. Licensure boards require face-to-face supervision on a regularly scheduled basis as part of the requirements for licensure. Professional support and resources are provided on a personalized basis for engaging in the development of identity as a therapist.

Groups And Workshops For Learning, Insight, And Healing

Our beliefs and our experience tell us that people are meant to be in relationship. It is in community that we most genuinely discover who we are and connect in meaningful ways that reveal our deepest desires. Formats include retreats, seminars, adult forums and groups on a variety of topics including parenting, marriage, women, recovery, grief and transition. We will custom design a program that suits your needs and preferences.

Carol Schickel LCPC

Carol Schickel is a psychotherapist with more than 20 years of experience in working with adults and adolescents. She provides counseling for individuals and couples to help clients resolve past trauma and hurt and discover an emotionally healthy and aware life that brings a full sense of well- being. Carol also offers coaching related to life transitions, with a particular passion for engaging with young adults. She is available for people of all faiths including clergy and other caregivers. Carol also provides leadership for retreats and workshops, and she serves as a consultant with several faith-based groups. Carol can assist in using health insurance for her services. She is an ELCA rostered Deacon and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

+ 312-909-9337

Karol Weigelt LCPC

Karol Weigelt, MS, LCPC, is a Spiritual Director and therapist. She facilitates creative and reflective inner work with individuals, couples and groups, through dream work, expressive writing/journaling and the arts. Karol’s unique approach to psychotherapy reflects her own growth and healing, as well as her training in Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling. Karol serves as adjunct faculty at Loyola University, Institute of Pastoral Studies. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with the state of Illinois and is available for the services we offer.

+ 773-206-4741

Brooke Petersen LPC, PhD

Brooke Petersen is a psychotherapist specializing in addressing spiritual concerns in therapy while also working to help clients meet challenges and deepen relationships with self and others. Brooke's clinical training took place at the Center for Religion and Psychotherapy. Her therapeutic techniques are eclectic, meaning that she uses techniques and theories best suited to each client. Brooke's work is intersectional in nature, centered in anti-racist and feminist theory. She is mindful of the ways that trauma influences life experience and therapeutic practice. Brooke has experience with a wide range of clients in age, race, and sexual orientation. She also has significant experience in addressing spiritual concerns as well as religious difficulty and religious trauma. Brooke has specific training in Narrative, Client-Centered, Family Systems and Self Psychology methods and is a Licensed as a Professional Counselor (LPC) in Illinois.

Brooke began her career as a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. After working in the parish for 6 years, Brooke returned to school to work on a PhD in Pastoral Psychology at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary. Her dissertation specifically focused on Queer persons who had experienced Religious Trauma in non-accepting religious communities. Brooke's academic research begins with the belief that religious communities must recognize and affirm the fluidity and diversity of gender identities and sexuality in order to meaningfully support human flourishing.

+ 630.803.1062

Barbara Wahler LCSW

Barbara Wahler provides services to children who might be lagging behind or worried about bullying. She supports teens who struggle to discover their identities. She supports bi-racial or mixed race couples and families as well as those wrestling with sexual identity. Barbara provides hope in light of life’s difficult times, addressing worries with the goal of growing a stronger family or better relationship and creating a happier life.

+ 773-580-0448

Richard Bough MFA

Richard Bough is a spiritual director and artist. As a certified spiritual companion, his goal is to guide individuals to use their own creative process to deepen their awareness of their authentic selves. His experience includes: ten years as a spiritual director certified by the Institute of Spiritual Companionship; both BFA and MFA degrees; teaching ‘spiritual direction and art’ at Loyola University of Chicago and Seabury Western Seminary; leading small-group workshops in a variety of settings; giving presentations at Spiritual Directors International conferences and working with individuals.

+ 773-761-8679


The Lakeview neighborhood on Chicago’s north side is the location of our home office. Quiet, comfortable rooms provide a safe and sacred space for the work of inner exploration through conversation and emotional and spiritual engagement. Our offices include a private waiting room with reading materials and music. Holy Trinity Church serves as our host. The entrance is at 3609 North Magnolia Street, Chicago, Illinois.