Planning a Wedding at Holy Trinity

Setting a Date

Couples are encouraged to consult with the pastor at least four months, preferably six months, prior to the date for the wedding. The wedding date should be scheduled with both the pastor and the parish administrator. Since Holy Trinity is several blocks from Wrigley Field, please consult the Cubs schedule to check whether there is a home game in the months from April through early October. Though Holy Trinity does not have a parking lot, a wedding may be held on a Cubs home game if you are able to arrange transportation to the church. Weddings at other locations can also be negotiated with the pastor. Holy Trinity is not air-conditioned, so please keep that in mind when planning summer afternoon weddings.

The Liturgy

  • + The liturgy is one prepared by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and is similar to that of other denominations.
  • + The eucharist (Holy Communion) is a meal of joy and unity and is appropriate for weddings, particularly for active members who partake of the sacrament each Sunday. If communion is celebrated, it is offered to the entire congregation.
  • + The couple may choose scripture readings, vows and hymns for the service.
  • + Family or friends may serve as scripture readings and leaders for the prayers.
  • + The couple may prepare the service folder (a template is provided) or the parish administrator may prepare it (in which case a $50 honorarium for his services is appropriate).
  • + No flash pictures are allowed during the ceremony (they may be taken during the procession and recession). A video camera is allowed if it remains stationary. Photographers are asked to not move around the worship space during the ceremony.

Pre-marital Counseling

Pre-marital counseling involves an online inventory program called “Prepare.” The pastor uses this tool to discuss with you strength and growth areas of your relationship. Most couples find this discussion interesting and helpful. The scoring fee for the inventory is $35.00, and the payment is made online. Pre-marital counseling for couples who live in Chicago but are getting married out of the city is available through a pastoral counselor in Holy Trinity's Spiritual Life Center.

Weddings for Non-Members

If a pastor is available, Holy Trinity provides wedding services for those who are not members of the congregation, providing that one member of the couple is Christian.


The rehearsal is usually scheduled the evening before the wedding. The purpose of the rehearsal is to establish movement and the placement of the wedding party.

Rehearsals require the presence of the entire wedding party, readers, ushers, communion assistants and parents. The musicians are not normally at the rehearsal. Please bring the marriage license and any checks to the rehearsal so that those details do not need to be covered on the wedding day.

Prohibited Materials

The use of alcohol or any illegal drugs is prohibited in the building. Smoking is not permitted in the building, and the throwing of rice is not allowed. Birdseed may be used outside the building only.


Please coordinate the delivery of flowers with the parish administrator and/or pastor.

Rehearsal Dinner/Reception

Due to parish schedules, the pastor may not be able to attend the rehearsal dinner or reception. The pastor will provide a written table prayer if desired.


The Director of Music at Holy Trinity plays for weddings unless other arrangements have been made through him and the pastor.

Since the wedding is a sacred service the music should reflect the highest standards of music appropriate for such an occasion. Recorded music or music with sentimental or non-sacred texts are better used at the reception. The texts for the wedding invite praise of God, and gratitude for the gift of love, especially between the two persons getting married.

For more information, please download the Holy Trinity Weddings brochure.