Formation at Holy Trinity

It is in primarily in worship that our faith is “formed.” We hear the word of God that proclaims God’s grace for us and our broken world. We remember our baptism and our common vocation to serve God in home and school, community and nation, daily work and leisure. We gather at the Lord’s Table to be nourished by Christ’s presence and to awaken our care for the hungry ones of the earth.

In addition to worship we grow in faith in many and diverse ways. At HTLakeview, children participate in Sunday School. Some adults receive spiritual direction, counseling or other offerings through the Spiritual Life Center. We practice the ministry of service by volunteering at the Lakeview Pantry, the Crib Shelter and the Night Ministry, to name a few.

Adults gather in small and large groups to discuss the scriptures, spirituality and other contemporary topics of interest.

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Wherever you are in your spiritual life, you are welcome... you are invited to come and explore your spiritual questions with others at Holy Trinity.

Life Together is a communal process of spiritual growth and renewal.

Life Together is designed for those:

  • who did not grow up Christian and/or have not been baptized;
  • who are new to Lutheranism, liturgy, or a sacramental tradition;
  • who are estranged from the church but are now drawn to community and communal worship;
  • who are sensing a stirring of the Spirit, yet filled with questions;
  • who may have grown up Lutheran but didn’t think about it when they were confirmed, and would like to learn more about Christian faith and life in community;
  • who are parents wanting to grow in their faith as part of the baptismal promises they make on behalf of their children.

Life Together is a place to bring questions, doubts, and hopes. Rather than giving answers (like a catechism), together we will seek wisdom for our lives from scripture, sacraments, liturgy and other Christian practices.

Sometimes called the catechumenate or Christian initiation, Life Together is based on an ancient Christian practice dating to the third and fourth century. In a cultural and religious context not unlike our own, adults who were not baptized or formed in the faith spent a period of time (up to three years) in preparation and discernment and were then baptized at the Easter Vigil.

Life Together is a process, made up of four stages or components. Following each stage you determine whether you would like to participate in the next component. Each stage ends with a ritual in communal worship.

At HTLoop sessions will take place from 3:15-4:30pm before worship at Grace Place.

At HTLakeview there will be seven Wednesday evening sessions (7:00 – 8:30 pm) on November 28, January 16, February 6 and 20, March 20, April 3 and 24. In addition, there will be two Sunday evening sessions with a meal: March 10 and April 7.

The Four Stages of Life Together

I. Inquiry

During the inquiry stage we reflect on our own life story—with its questions and doubts—in light of God’s grace and the biblical story. Does life in Christian community bring meaning to my life? Would I like to continue a journey with Holy Trinity, with the possibility of baptism and/or Affirmation of Baptism? As you continue to attend worship in community, you are invited to reflect on your own faith journey.

II. Exploration

This is a time when the church welcomes inquirers to share in its central Christian practices as they enter into a period of apprenticeship and formation in liturgy, prayer, and ministries of service and justice. Our sessions together will explore central beliefs and practices in the Lutheran tradition.

III. Preparation

Taking place during Lent, this is a period of preparation for baptism of affirmation of baptism. We reflect on the baptismal covenant, both what God promises as well as our response. We continue to consider some of the basic teachings and practices of the Lutheran tradition.

Baptism and Affirmation of Baptism take place at the Great Vigil of Easter, the pinnacle of the church year. It will be held at Holy Trinity, Lakeview, on Saturday evening, April 20, 2019.

IV. Baptismal Living

During this stage we reflect on the sacraments that were celebrated at the Easter Vigil in light of our baptismal call to live our faith in daily life.

What Now?

If you have questions or would like to sign-up, talk to or email Pastor Ben Adams (HTLoop) or Pastor Craig Mueller (HTLakeview).